Although originally from CO, I currently live in Darien, CT.  Upon graduation I went to work on Wall St at Goldman Sachs as an Equity Block Trader.  Although I loved the fast pace and competitiveness of the job, I also wanted to be at home with the kids.  So after a few company changes and mergers I ended up “retiring” in 2002.  I volunteer on various boards, such as the YMCA, and am very involved with our town athletics.  I continue to be passionate about sports and feel that it is important that every child has an opportunity to play and to simply have fun.   I was very hesitant initially to attend Dartmouth as I had no interest in the cold New England winters.  However, after my recruiting trip where I immediately felt the sense of community and the student’s passion about the school, I was hooked.  Many people are surprised to know that I have 5 children whom are seven years apart with no twins in the mix.  I joined the Centennial Circle because as a student on financial aid, I realize that the opportunities that were granted to me throughout my life would not have been possible without the generosity of others.  It is now my turn to open up windows and doors to others.