I live in Sudbury, MA

My bio:  I have a large, fun family of siblings and a smaller wonderful family with a husband (Tad Truex D’91, Th’93) and two teenagers.  I greatly enjoy family time and work hard to balance it with my career in the biotech industry.  I am currently the COO and Head of Corporate Development of a company called Synlogic that is creating therapies merging synthetic biology with the microbiome and spent 20+ years in big biopharma before switching to smaller, venture-backed companies.  I am devoted to Dartmouth, having served on 3 committees in the past and now as an overseer for the Thayer School

I went to Dartmouth because: I wanted a good education, love skiing and wanted to leave Michigan.

5 things I’m passionate about: education, healthcare, my family, skiing, being grateful for what I have.

People are surprised that I: earned a pilot’s license while at Dartmouth

I joined the Centennial Circle because: I am passionate about helping others achieve an education and want to support leveraging the power of women to fund this endeavor.

My guilty pleasure is: dark chocolate

My favorite read/book of the decade: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

My Dartmouth spot: Tie: the Green and Thayer School

A Pastime of mine: Skiing