I live in:
Arlington, Virginia and Newport, Rhode Island

My bio:
After graduating from Tuck, I worked for thirteen years in commercial real estate for what is now Jones Lang LaSalle. It was a fun and successful career, but I chose long ago to stay home with our three kids. I keep busy doing lots of Dartmouth volunteer work, visiting the kids (fun to do with two at Dartmouth and the other an hour away at Groton School !), reading, and enjoying the outdoors. I particularly enjoy taking week long hiking trips with my kids in cool locations (so far Peru, Switzerland, Spain), and sharing my love of travel, sports and fitness with them.

I went to Dartmouth because:
I felt right at home the first time I visited (this might also have had something to do with our handsome tour guide and a beautiful summer day!)

I am passionate about:
Taking the time and having the focus to raise one’s children (it’s the most important thing you will do!), self-accountability in all aspects of life, and not whining because something is “unfair”: strive to fix it or else deal with it!

People are surprised that I:

Worked as a geologist for four years after graduating from Dartmouth

I joined the Centennial Circle because:
Dartmouth enabled me to realize I could do nearly anything I wanted to (try out for the Olympic Rowing Team! climb Mt. Kilimanjaro! Have a successful career in a very male dominated industry!), and I hope to help others realize this as well.