Kate Thomas ’04, our youngest Founding Member, was born in Rockland Country and later moved to the Fort Lauderdale area.  She was a self-proclaimed, “big nerd” in
high school who also enjoyed playing tennis, spending time with her younger sister.  At Dartmouth, she was pre-med and double majored in Biology and Economics.  Her love for numbers and finance was solidified sophomore summer when she took a Macro Economics course.  In fact, she accidentally hopped into the class half way through, but liked it so much, that she spent the time needed to catch up and really get it.  That experience forged her career path and she is currently working at Goldman Sachs.  Kate lives in NYC with her husband and two children, ages 5 and 2.

first off, what’s for breakfast?

Egg white omelet, coffee with half and half.

on joining the Centennial Circle

I feel a strong affinity and connection to Dartmouth. This small group of women can make a difference and help shape the college’s future. I’m honored to be able to be a part of that. I also love the organic nature of the group – it is inspiring.

on my nightstand

Water, a lamp, a copy of The Economist.
Here’s the thing – I love my 2 year old madly – she is a true free spirit and I just marvel at her. But my current nighttime challenge is getting her to sleep in her own bed! She doesn’t yet see bedtime as a reason to go to sleep or stay in her room. She shares a room with her brother so bedtime can get complicated! All said to say that novel reading is just not on the docket right now. I’m lucky if I get to a magazine and NYT.com.

my uniform

Black dress, black heels, black sweater. It’s what I have on right now. Over and out.

every day I make sure I…

Kiss and hug my kids. Tell them how proud I am of them.

women I admire

I feel fortunate to have so many wonderful women in my life. From my mother, I have learned that family is the most important thing. Her love for her family is palpable. I want that too – for the people I care about to feel it in a palpable way. My grandmother lived with so much grace, was humble, generous and loving. And at work, I am surrounded by smart, authoritative women who still manage to be feminine and have families. Meeting women like that was a big reason I came to work here. I could name 20 women I admire.

biggest global national or local concern

Unbalanced and unfair access to opportunity. Globally and locally.

OK, plug your favorite charities

Dartmouth College
Partners In Health

my Dartmouth spot

The first time laid eyes on The Green, I was enchanted. It was my senior year in high school and I was on a trip visiting colleges. I’d never seen anything so bucolic & lovely. Students were studying on the grass, playing frisbee, talking in groups. I thought, this is the kind of collegiate experience I want. I ended up applying early and the rest is history!

That said, I think I have to add the Tri-Delt dance floor as another favorite spot because that is where the romance with my husband, also an ‘04, began!

advice for the women of 2018

At Dartmouth, I double majored in Biology and Economics. I was pre-med. I spent much of my time at Dartmouth ticking boxes. My advice is to not do that – instead, take advantage of all of the extra-curricular and travel opportunities that the school has to offer. Explore, be courageous, trust your judgment.