I live in: Los Angeles 90077

My bio: I grew up in VT, where my father was Dean of Admissions at Middlebury College. At Dartmouth, I played 4 years of field hockey & we won the Ivy League my Jr. & Sr. Years. Most profoundly, at Dartmouth I met my very awesome husband, Rich. My Notre Dame Law Degree was used for about 7 years, on pointless litigation cases that made me want to quit, which I did. Since then, I have been a happy stay at home mom to two girls – Mia, 16, who balances the acting/modeling world in LA with a regular school and year-round field hockey. The other, Montana, is headed to MIT in the fall where she will play soccer and do a bit of schoolwork. We lived in Cincinnati for 20 years but moved to LA in 2013

I went to Dartmouth because: c’mon, it’s DARTMOUTH!! ☺

5 things I’m passionate about: Animals- my dog in particular, Dartmouth, helping less fortunate teen girls, and sports teams (whether high school, club or the Patriots).

joined the Centennial Circle because: My husband & I both went to Dartmouth & both love it.

My guilty pleasure is: chocolate: cupcakes, s’mores, – I don’t discriminate.

My favorite read/book of the decade: Tina Fey’s “Bossy Pants” did not disappoint.

My Dartmouth spot: fraternity or sorority pong tables… shamelessly.

A Pastime of mine: riding horse- I miss that.