I live in Washington, DC, where I am a political appointee in the Obama Administration. My current role is Chief Financial Officer for the Executive Office of the President; I served the first two years of the Administration at the US Department of Education.

My entry into politics came via the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign, which I originally joined as a volunteer, motivated by a passion for education reform developed during a break from the workforce during my children’s early school years. I eventually joined the staff as a Financial Operations Director.

In my “former life” I worked in the private sector, managing businesses including Life Cereal and Quaker Rice Cakes for the Quaker Oats Company in Chicago. I received an MBA from Stanford, and dabbled in education policy graduate courses at the University of Chicago. At Dartmouth I was a Math and Social Sciences major, and served as Managing Editor of “The D.” My husband, Bob, and I have two daughters, a Princeton ’14 and a Dartmouth ’17.

I am passionate about the arts, education, and supporting women in the workplace. I joined the Centennial Circle because it is a unique opportunity to give back to the college that has given so much to me.