I live in: Wellesley MA

My bio in 5 sentences: I’ve had a life filled with good fortune. Marty (Dartmouth ’84) and I will celebrate our 30th anniversary this year. We’ve got 3 great kids: Grace (Dartmouth ’11), Danny (Notre Dame ’15) and Katherine (? ’21). I’ve had an amazing opportunities over 25+ years at McKinsey & Co. I should sleep more and travel less!

I went to Dartmouth because: When it came time to make my college decision, my Dad told me to “reach for the stars” and to me that could only mean going to Dartmouth

People are surprised that I: am an engineer; especially my children given my limited ability to operate the remote control or understand snapchat…

I joined the Centennial Circle because: It combines two things about which I’m most passionate: supporting Dartmouth and empowering women!