Megan Phillips Drury ’99

The class of 1999 was the first class at Dartmouth to actually have a higher percentage of women than men. The Centennial Circle ensures a bright future for women at Dartmouth, and it is an honor to be part of such a strong group of women.

Megan Phillips Drury graduated class of 1999 from Dartmouth, where

Jennifer Kochman Marrus ’89

Passionate about exploration: Worked on archeological digs in Israel and Greece. Worked in small businesses in the South Bronx (Commercial Laundry), Clarksville, Virginia (fabrics and suiting material) and in Port Washington, LI (operations manager in a factory making precision gear heads).

Passionate about children: Mother of two boys, travel the tri-state area to watch them play

Hilary Spaulding Richards ’92

I live in: Los Angeles, CA

My bio:There is a version of the story in which everything begins my freshman year of college: Dartmouth is the place where I, for the first time, was able to discover what might exist beyond subsistence.  Once in Hanover, I learned to design a set, to paint scenery, to speak

Darcey Forbes Bartel ’94

I live in: Weston, MA

My bio: After Dartmouth I worked as a Merchandising Manager and Oilseeds Traders for Cargill, Inc. After leaving Cargill I worked for four years as a Vice President in the Capital Markets Group at Morgan Stanley in New York City where I worked in the Commodities Division helping Energy Consumers and

Emily Nielsen Jones ’91

I live in the Boston area with my husband (class of ’87), three kids (ages 13, 16, and 18), and two dogs.

As my oldest begins to look at colleges (yikes!), I am very aware that the main reason I got interested in Dartmouth was someone from my high school gave a presentation on her experience

Crashy Zacher Brown ’82, P’15,’19

Andrea Zacher, aka Crashy Brown, class of 1982

I live in Darien, CT with my patient husband of 25 years, Clint Brown. We have a ’14 daughter, a son at Skidmore ’18, and a soon to be ’19 daughter.

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, where my Navy dad nicknamed me “Crash Bang” or Crashy, for being rambunctious in

Gail Koziara Boudreaux ’82 P’15

I live in Lake Forest, Illinois but love to spend time at my place in Singer Island, Florida

My bio
After graduating from Dartmouth, I spent a year playing professional basketball in Versailles, France and upon returning to the states began a 30+ year career in Healthcare. I most recently was the CEO

Teru Bower Clavel ’95

I live in: Tokyo, Japan

My bio in 5 sentences: I am an education consultant, writer, and researcher specializing in the intersection of globalization, parenting, and education.  I like to write about provocative educational topics that haven’t been previously reported in efforts to improve the educational outcomes of our next generation, and my articles have been

Catherine Green Solomon ’82 P’17

I live in Washington, DC, where I am a political appointee in the Obama Administration. My current role is Chief Financial Officer for the Executive Office of the President; I served the first two years of the Administration at the US Department of Education.

My entry into politics came via the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign, which

Rosemary Dupre Littlefield ’82

I live in the woods, on a lake, in western Pennsylvania. Only two miles from our parents.

Before Dartmouth, I attended Burke Mountain Academy because I dreamed of being an Olympic ski racer. After Dartmouth, I lived in Wyoming, Austria, and Colorado, and went on to law school at Villanova.

I am so fortunate to have married