I live in: Los Angeles….although I still think of myself as an East Coast girl.

My bio in 5 sentences: After playing four years of soccer & lacrosse at Dartmouth, I moved to New York to start a short career (my 20s) in finance & banking. I met my husband John in NY, moved to Hong Kong, back to New York, Miami and eventually Los Angeles. I am now currently CEO, COO, Logistics Coordinator, driver, chef and therapist for Mallory Family Inc to four kids aged 7 to 13. I still coach and occasionally play soccer & I serve on a few local community service boards.

I went to Dartmouth because: I fell in love with the campus.

5 things I’m passionate about: Family, travel, chocolate, coaching & girls participating in sports for fun & confidence.

People are surprised that I: have no rhythm.

My guilty pleasure is: chocolate chip cookies before bed.

I joined the Centennial Circle because: I’m excited to meet other passionate and smart women who support and appreciate Dartmouth. I’d like this group to set an example for future generations of Dartmouth women leaders.