I live in the woods, on a lake, in western Pennsylvania. Only two miles from our parents.

Before Dartmouth, I attended Burke Mountain Academy because I dreamed of being an Olympic ski racer. After Dartmouth, I lived in Wyoming, Austria, and Colorado, and went on to law school at Villanova.

I am so fortunate to have married Tim 26 years ago, and we have three healthy, smart kids. We’ve found fulfillment in work, travel, friendships, and sport. Keeping it simple is the underlying goal. My mantra to my children has always been, “Be cheerful and be helpful.” That’s about all one needs to succeed in life.

Talk to me any time about: helping you with a family business in transition, joining one of my ski or mountain biking trips, coming back to Dartmouth for a Tuck School seminar, electronic components for your next tech venture, or Switzerland.

I went to Dartmouth because my big sister was there; she said she liked it okay, and most importantly, her dorm room had a working fireplace!

I joined the Centennial Circle because I live for making new friends.