I live in: New York City

My bio in 2 sentences: After Dartmouth, I worked at Chemical Bank followed by 10 years at Morgan Stanley working in Corporate Finance and Sales and Trading. After the birth of my 2nd of 3 children I have devoted my time to working in the not-for-profit sector serving on the Boards of Seeds of Peace, The Summer Camp for Girls, Blythedale Children’s Hospital, Planned Parenthood, Food Patch and, of course, Dartmouth College.

I went to Dartmouth because: I was brain-washed. My father Alan Epstein ’47 unabashedly bleeds green. Since Dartmouth was all male he did not worry about exposing my sister, Liz Kadin ‘77 and me to overnights at DOC cabins, football games, reunions. At my father’s 20th reunion, I knocked on President Dickey’s door and asked him to “please make Dartmouth coed by 1975.” I am grateful to John Kemeny for supporting coeducation and to Ed Chamberlain for accepting me.

People are surprised that I: play women’s ice hockey…and with two other CC members: Ellen Gomprecht Oppenheim ’79 and Kit O’Brien Rohn ’86. Since 1992 we have played for the New Canaan Mother Puckers.

I joined the Centennial Circle because: of FOMO (just kidding)! I am fortunate to have the financial resources to join this inspiring initiative. Bringing women together, especially Dartmouth women, is always powerful and meaningful.