I live in: Los Angeles, CA

My bio:There is a version of the story in which everything begins my freshman year of college: Dartmouth is the place where I, for the first time, was able to discover what might exist beyond subsistence.  Once in Hanover, I learned to design a set, to paint scenery, to speak french pretty well, to travel to another land, to see art as a powerful means of expression, to hike a trail, to write a paper that didn’t stink (OK, that took some time, but eventually, I think it happened), and to make lifelong friends.  After college, I lived and worked in New York City and Connecticut for almost 20 years before happily moving back home to California.  I have designed sets for off-off-Broadway plays, spent time in interior design and ultimately worked in a strategic marketing group at Turner Broadcasting.  I am now home with my children and do marketing consulting and writing on the sly.  I have a really nice husband and two sons, ages 16 and 14, who are shaping up to be pretty good guys as well, puberty notwithstanding.  Hudson, our puppy, sometimes poops on the carpet, but he’s so darned cute, we let it go.

I went to Dartmouth because: Oh, I thought it was utopia – a little heaven on earth where smart people, ideas, big swooshing trees, world travel, and congeniality converge. 

5 things I’m passionate about: Small Museums, Short Novels, Open-Minded People, Fresh Produce, Period Pieces, and the days when my hair isn’t completely insane (oops – that’s 6 things) 

My guilty pleasure is:  Words with Friends, Boggle or old-style Scrabble, poetry (anything containing clever little words, I guess)

I joined the Centennial Circle because:  A topnotch education is hope and joy and transformation.  It levels the playing field, changes families for the better, for good.  I know this firsthand.  That the women of Dartmouth have come together in its name; it is truly an honor and an inspiration to be a part of.