I live in Lake Forest, Illinois but love to spend time at my place in Singer Island, Florida

My bio
After graduating from Dartmouth, I spent a year playing professional basketball in Versailles, France and upon returning to the states began a 30+ year career in Healthcare. I most recently was the CEO of UnitedHealthcare. I’m a Dartmouth Trustee, Director of several public and private companies and am actively involved in a number of community and civic organizations. I’ve been married to my husband Terry for 26 amazing years and have two fantastic sons. Christopher a Dartmouth ’15 and Evan a newly admitted member of the class of 2019.

5 things I’m passionate about
My family
Sports, especially basketball and watching my son Evan play
Finding ways to make healthcare simpler, more accessible and more affordable
Leadership, building teams and mentoring the next generation, especially women as they begin their careers

Why I joined the Centennial Circle: I believe in the college and where its headed and want to be part of making a difference for future generations. I also want to be part of a group of exciting, committed and interesting women in “paying it forward”.