I live in the Boston area with my husband (class of ’87), three kids (ages 13, 16, and 18), and two dogs.

As my oldest begins to look at colleges (yikes!), I am very aware that the main reason I got interested in Dartmouth was someone from my high school gave a presentation on her experience and I loved the sound of the freshman trips!  I absolutely loved my time at Dartmouth and spent a lot of time running track and cross-country so did not get as much time as I would have liked doing outdoor adventures after my awesome freshman canoe trip.

I majored in Government with a minor in Education, and my career path began with a job in educational policy doing work in the state of Massachusetts launching our state’s first charter schools.  Over the years, I have been involved in various efforts to promote educational equity in Boston including co-founding a preschool in downtown Boston, named Park Street Kids, which eventually grew into an elementary school, Park Street School, both of which have a commitment to scholarships for low income students.  I am currently the co-founder/president of the Imago Dei Fund (http://www.imagodeifund.org), a foundation which exists to “co-create a more just, more free, gender-balanced world”.  In this work, I am particularly passionate about partnering with inspired individuals and organizations around the world which are working to transform harmful gender norms and systems of belief which continue to treat girls and women as second class citizens.

Let me admit that I left Dartmouth, with rose-colored classes on, seeing that things were just marching forward for women’s equality in the world despite having taken a couple women’s studies courses, which I do remember being deeply impactful. As I have engaged over the past 6 years with the harsh gender realities of our world, I have become a “born again feminist” and have joined an incredible women’s funding movement, which is inspiring women to give “bigger and bolder” to the advancement of girls and women around the world.  Please check out these three networks:  Women Moving Millions (http://www.womenmovingmillions.org), the Women’s Donor Network (http://www.womendonors.org), and Strong Women, Strong World (http://strongwomenstrongworld.org). I love the work of philanthropy—aka “love of humankind”—and take great joy in doing my part to walk (what I hope is) the “last mile” to finish the unfinished business of the women’s movement to create a world where the Girl Child can grow up to presume her own equality and be empowered every step of her journey to own her own human agency and participate fully in Life.  I am so looking forward to engaging with the Centennial Circle and broadening the circle of women-led philanthropy that surrounds the Dartmouth community.