I live in: Weston, MA

My bio: After Dartmouth I worked as a Merchandising Manager and Oilseeds Traders for Cargill, Inc. After leaving Cargill I worked for four years as a Vice President in the Capital Markets Group at Morgan Stanley in New York City where I worked in the Commodities Division helping Energy Consumers and Producers hedge their oil and natural gas exposure. In 2000 my husband Chris (D’ 1994), and I moved to Wellesley, MA. where I worked at Fleet Bank as a Director in their Capital Markets Group. I am currently at home with our three children. I am active in our local church and a volunteer in our children’s’ schools. I have been a Director of the Wellesley Free Library Foundation since 2012 and on the Board of Chaplains on the Way since 2014.. An avid athlete, I spend my free time skiing, playing tennis, running and participating in local triathlons. In 2012 I ran my first Boston Marathon.

I went to Dartmouth because: it just felt right. I was a field hockey recruit and my weekend visit was a beautiful 70 degree September day. I instantly felt at home. I knew that even if I never played field hockey I would be happy at Dartmouth.
5 things I’m passionate about: Libraries (and reading), being outdoors, travel, cooking and life-long friendships (many of those started at Dartmouth).

People are surprised that: for all the financial institutions I have worked at (Cargill, Morgan Stanley, Fleet Bank), I was a Geography Major at Dartmouth and never went to Business School.
My guilty pleasure is: Dark Chocolate, Netflix and a long snow-shoe with our 5 year old golden retriever.
I joined the Centennial Circle because: I think it is very important for woman to be leaders and positive role models. It is a wonderful opportunity to give back to Dartmouth and help pay it forward to a new generation of leaders.