I live in: Los Gatos, California (northern Cali)

My bio in 5 sentences:

After graduating from Dartmouth, I left my east coast roots and moved to Chicago where I worked in brand management for Gatorade for three years. It was there that I met my husband, Gary – we’ve been married twenty-one years and have fraternal twin boys, age 17. After b-school, I worked briefly in consulting and then returned to marketing with a focus on beverages. While our boys were young (and us, too!), we moved quite a bit – to three different states and enjoyed a brief stint in Toronto, Canada as well. Since becoming a full-time mom, I have enjoyed volunteering for organizations that I feel passionate about – California public schools, Boys & Girls Club, the local food bank, and of course, Dartmouth.

My 5 Questions:

I went to Dartmouth because the vibe of the school was magnetic – the students were enthusiastic, the alumni were engaged and the professors were accessible.

5 things I’m passionate about: the environment, health, family, animal rights and hiking.

People are surprised that I: carried dear friends’ biological child into the world to enable them to become parents, despite her medical issues.